iNventec (Asia) Company Limited ("iNventec") is an environmental consultation company that serves businesses, governments,  organizations, not-for-profits and community. We help our customers continue improvements to their air quality performance in office or household. Also, iNventec offers environmental measurement, sampling and environmental product introduction. 

Our work serves clients with professional analyst and opinion to realize client goals.


We investigate environmental trends, markets and new best practices in everywhere. Our consultants continually study environment knowledge in order to provide feasible and effective solution for clients.

Our targets includes business, government, organization and community. Our team have appropriate experience and expertise. We can offer the best and professional opinion and solution to solve with what environmental problem you have in your office or household. 


Based on our professional knowledge, we can cope with every challenge. Since environmental problem in office or household is caused by different source, layout and activity(s), iNventec analyzes environmental problem case by case and provide solution for customs.

Also, we can provide environmental sampling and measurement, For exampling:

  • indoor air qaulity measurement

  • marine sampling